Damali Rhett is a dynamic engaging workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. Using her acting background to engage participants, Damali commands the room leading discussions on leadership, relationship building or just brainstorming “What’s possible?” She had participated and led dozens of workshops, panels, webinars and trainings over the course of her career working with people all the way up to C-Suite. She is frequently highlighted for her honesty, her level of energy and her willingness to engage. She can lead your session of anywhere from one-on-one to 200 participants.

Damali works with a diverse set of companies, organizations and non-profits including:

  • Fortune 100 training series
  • Several C-Suite level workshops and facilitation

Damali speaks about a variety topics, but is best engaging audiences around the following:

The Art of the possible (particularly for businesses looking to improve processes)

  • Analyzing pain points and change items
  • Strategic Planning
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Professional Relationship Development
  • Developing a Brand at Work

If you want to hire Damali to lead a session, please contact her at damali@damalirhett.com or via telephone at 202-374-5900!


Client Testimonials:

“Damali’s speech was one of the highlights of the conference for me. Her speech was fun, honest and helped me realize that I can make it through business school.” – Forte Foundation

“Wow, that training was exactly what I needed. Damali was informative, knowledgeable and made the training fun. I will definitely use what she taught us to be a better consultant.” – Industry training, Fortune 100 company