Amendment Nine takes on a small number of clients every year for personalized career coaching buy our expert – Damali Rhett. Damali has helped dozens of emerging leaders (immediately graduating from college) to seasoned professions. Damali offers her clients a number ways to utilize our services. With over 15 years of experience in a variety of corporate, government and non-profit organizations, Amendment Nine brings a very specific approach to each client. We can help you find your passion, determine what’s important to you or just be a sounding board.


Career Coaching Services

  • Resume review and customization
  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Job selection and application
  • Cover letter review and customization
  • Job skills identification
  • Interview preparation
  • Consulting case preparation
  • Executive coaching


Client Testimonials:

Damali pays special attention to individual needs of her team mates. Damali was my manager on the very first project at Deloitte. She recognized that while I had a lot of finance expertise, I lacked consulting skills and experience. She spent a lot of time with me, helping me understand the importance of building my network, and giving me very specific practical advice on how to handle tough client and team situations. I consider Damali not only my friend, but a mentor and greatly appreciate and value her guidance and advice.” – Yelena G.

“The great thing about Damali’s counsel is that she is clear and direct so there is no energy wasted trying to decipher what she really thinks. She’s sincere, thoughtful and creative. Mostly importantly, she’s right.” – Adwoa B.